Einstein once stated that:

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

A large proportion of energy is in the form of heat, which naturally moves from one place to another.

Heat can be lost from buildings in many different ways and there are always ways to reduce heat losses and transfer them to use.

Let’s think about it:

  • A conventional hot water system stores water at approximately 60 -70°C
  • Mains cold water enters a building at approximately 10°C
  • This water needs to be heated from 10°C to 60°C
  • A large amount of energy is needed to enter the water to increase its temperature.
  • Establishments must be hygienic and therefore require a lot of hot water.

This energy costs money.

Is there an energy source that can be exploited to achieve this cost effectively?

Take commercial restaurants for example, food is heated from refrigerated temperatures to high temperatures relatively quickly. This creates a lot of waste heat .

This waste heat is not utilised.

We have a solution. At Dext Heat Recovery we have created an innovative heat recovery system which recovers the waste heat generated by the cooking process and utilises it to meet the hot water demand of the restaurant.


Our heat recovery plate is installed close to the main heat source within the kitchen, either directly behind a chargrill or cooker, or within a canopy.

The heat is then absorbed by the plate and transferred into a sealed water circuit, which is circulated through a coil in our buffer cylinder for hot water generation. Designed for connection to the cold feed of a conventional hot water cylinder installation. When water is drawn off from the hot water cylinder it is now supplied by water from the buffer cylinder which will be considerably hotter than mains cold, providing substantial energy savings for the end user.

Cooking food can now deliver free hot water.



  • Our heat recovery plate can be supplied in a black or stainless steel finish and can be sized to suit site conditions.
  • Our manufacturing complies with EN ISO 15614-11 standards.
  • All plates are produced with PED (European Pressure Directive) calculations, burst tests according to AD Merkblatt 2002, and pressure tested to 10 bar as a minimum.
  • Our WRAS approved hot water cylinders and buffer vessels are high quality stainless steel tanks with a 25 year guarantee.
  • All production is quality controlled to ISO 9001.


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