DEXT Presentation at National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering


DEXT were invited by Sheffield Hallam University to present our research and technology to a delegation of food and drink sector professionals at their new National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering.

The event, titled “Gaining competitive advantage through energy efficiency and heat recovery” was held on 9th October in Sheffield. Also speaking were experts from the university along with other experts from the food industry.

The presentations can be found here.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

DEXT Heat Recovery has recently appointed Gareth (Gus) Evans, from the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. Gus specialises in the computational modelling of large scale refrigeration systems, heat, air and moisture transfer (HAM) modelling, whole building simulation (WBS) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gus also has a practical history rooted in the manufacturing industry, pertaining to pump design and manufacture.

The Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University and DEXT Heat Recovery have formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) enabling the further development of the company’s products and a deeper understanding of how the heat recovery products behave under prescribed and forecast operating conditions. DEXT specialise in bespoke heat recovery systems and have developed a novel plate heat exchanger, constructed by laser welding and forming of internal cavities by application of hydraulic pressure. The heat exchanger delivers enhanced performance by increasing surface area, regulating internal and external flow thereby optimising flow distribution and withstanding the high temperature gradients and pressures associated with a wide range of coolants and refrigerants. Part of the project is to develop the capability to design a bespoke vapour compression carbon dioxide (CO2) heat recovery system. This requires a deeper knowledge and understanding of how CO2 behaves during a change of phase inside the plate heat exchanger system. The cross pollination of knowledge and coupling of heuristic methods, analytical methods and the use of CFD software will enable the products to operate at higher efficiencies recovering more heat therefore saving both financial resources and The Earth’s precious natural resources.


Red Rose Awards 2013

Armed with our suits, dickie bows and glitz the Dext Team attended the largest Red Rose Awards to date with more than 900 attendees filling the Majestic Empress Ballroom at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Having been shortlisted from 200 to the final five for the Environmental Technology Award was a great achievement for the team’s hard work and commitment. Enjoying the company, food and entertainment was a fantastic excuse to unwind and celebrate regardless of the outcome.

The moment was tense (fingers and toes crossed) unfortunately we narrowly missed out on winning the Award.

Well done to Kirk Environmental for winning and also to ACDC who won the large business award and publishers choice Award. Two local companies who helped show that Pendle is the go to place for innovation and technology.

Watch this space… we’ll be back.

New Product Testing in Holland

We have spent the last year developing an open fire basket that can be connected to a heating system.

Some of our clients have open fires on their premises to give a sense of theatre and wanted to put some of that heat to use rather than let it all escape up the chimney.
After much hair pulling, a lot of learning, 6 prototypes and an almost overwhelming desire to ditch the project, we finally settled on an innovative design that satisfied our target design parameters.

The next step was to establish it’s performance and take steps towards CE marking

Armed with a copy of EN13229, the relevant European Standard, we tested the fire basket in our own lab and the results were very good. We then tweaked the design cosmetically and constructionally into a finished product.

Following advice from a local major solid fuel appliance manufacturer we approached a test lab in Europe to get our product independently tested to ensure it conforms to the European Standard.

On Monday we visited SGS, the Notified Laboratory in Arnhem in The Netherlands.

The Dext Team and the baby 🙂


The purpose of our visit was to meet the test lab consultants face to face and see our Fire Basket being tested.

Dext Heat Recovery at SGS


The visit was a great experience, the SGS guys were very impressed and intrigued with the design of our product as it was something they had never seen before, and as such was a break from the norm for them.

Neil and Michael testing the performance of the optional warm air tube attachment.


The testing went well and we left them still testing the basket with results proving very promising.

On Tuesday evening we received an email from SGS informing us that the Fire Basket had passed all tests, with excellent efficiencies and the performance results actually exceeding our expectations.

Now we just need to give it a name?

DEXT & LLGA Cities Pilot the Future

After our first ever marketing venture at Birmingham NEC’s Hospitality Show 2013, Dext Heat Recovery were contacted via email and our Facebook page by a non-profit organisation focussing on building a global marketplace for innovation.

We were asked to provide a potential solution to the problem of heating outside smoking areas in Paris.

On 6th February we submitted our showcase and proposal to the website for consideration.

Link to call for solution


Red Rose Awards 2013

We have been shortlisted for the Red Rose Awards 2013 in the Environmental Technology Section!

Red Rose Awards 2013


The Hospitality Show – January 2013

At the beginning of the year we exhibited at The Hospitality Show, held at Birmingham NEC between 21st and 23rd of January.

The Hospitality Show is one of the UKs largest foodservice and hospitality show.

The Hospitality Show is a lively trade exhibition where exhibitors & visitors from across the UK can meet in a business-focused environment, covering food & drink, catering equipment, interiors, exteriors & tableware, and technology.

It was our first show, and a great experience.  We had lots of curious visitors to our stand and made a lot of really good contacts within the industry.

We gave away many free boxes of energy and lots and lots of sweet treats.

Here’s our Photo Album!!