Fire Basket ‘HEATWAVE 14’

We have spent the last year developing an open fire basket that can be connected to a heating system.

Some of our clients have open fires on their premises to give a sense of theatre and wanted to put some of that heat to use rather than let it all escape up the chimney.
After much hair pulling, a lot of learning, 6 prototypes and an almost overwhelming desire to ditch the project, we finally settled on an innovative design that satisfied our target design parameters.

The next step was to establish it’s performance and take steps towards CE marking

Armed with a copy of EN13229, the relevant European Standard, we tested the fire basket in our own lab and the results were very good. We then tweaked the design cosmetically and constructionally into a finished product.

Following advice from a local major solid fuel appliance manufacturer we approached a test lab in Europe to get our product independently tested to ensure it conforms to the European Standard.

On Monday 25th February 2013 we visited SGS, the Notified Laboratory in Arnhem in The Netherlands.

Michael, Neil and Gus from The Dext Team and the new baby 🙂


The purpose of our visit was to meet the test lab consultants face to face and see our Fire Basket being tested.

Dext Heat Recovery at SGS


The visit was a great experience, the SGS guys were very impressed and intrigued with the design of our product as it was something they had never seen before, and as such was a break from the norm for them.

Neil and Michael testing the performance of the optional warm air tube attachment.


The testing went well and we left them still testing the basket with results proving very promising.

On Tuesday evening, 26th February 2013 we received an email from SGS informing us that the Fire Basket had passed all tests, with excellent efficiencies and the performance results actually exceeding our expectations.

The Fire Basket delivers 10kWh to room, and 4kWh to water, with efficiencies far above normal fire baskets.

The next task was to give it a name, and after a call out on Facebook for suggestions, the name Heatwave was chosen 🙂