Inside Duurzaamheidsmagazine

Dext Commercial Director Neil Bracewell and Technical Director Dr Gareth Evans were pleased to catch up with Hannah Barnett for a six-page Inside Sustainability feature.

Neil and Gareth introduced the DexThermic ‘Dirty Air Heat Exchanger’ in more detail and explained how it came about, with the implementation of its clever design reflecting wider technological progress at the time.

‘The DexThermic was designed by creating a number of scenarios inside a computer. And once we found optimal scenarios, we made a prototype version and tested it. It’s become much easier to do in the last ten years because computer technology has advanced so much.’

They also discussed the funding support and collaborations that have played such a significant part in Dext’s success so far; big names such as Sheffield Hallam University, Nando’s, UKRI, Grundfos and Daikin.

The Dext ethos is very much one of collaboration; sharing ideas, knowledge and best practice methods to help the hospitality industry (and other sectors) reduce their CO2 emissions and ‘recycle’ the heat they’re already producing, to improve their bottom line.

‘Built on excellence in engineering, via a blend of practical experience and academic achievement from Mr Bracewell and Dr Evans respectively, Dext keeps pushing forward. The intention remains to spread the technology as widely as possible and by doing so, in a small way, make the world a better place.’

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