Image shows the view from the mezzanine with boxes stored and a black safety handrail

Ongoing growth, additional products and increasing numbers of enquiries meant that Dext could use some more room. May 2024 saw us create a mezzanine level in the Lancashire workshop to create additional space and allocate more distinct areas to different tasks. There are two different environments associated with Dext as a company:1) The immaculate, high […]

Şımarık Bir Yan Çizgi

Sos dağıtıcısı, sos ağızlarının üzerine çekilebilen musluk kulplarına sahip yeşil, endüstriyel görünümlü yatay bir boru şeklini alır.

From the state-of-the-art splashback absorbing heat behind the grill, to the heat recovery unit in the extract duct – Nando’s often turns to Dext for innovative engineering solutions.So it was little surprise that, during the pandemic, Nando’s Group Head of Design asked Dext founder Neil to create a contactless sauce dispenser.  This clever concept then evolved into the latest […]

Isı geri kazanımı nedir?

DexThermic pompalar ve kontrol sistemi

Heat recovery is the process of capturing and re-using excess heat. In very simple terms, it is another name for heat recycling. It’s also a great way for companies to tackle the ‘E’ of their ESG goals. (ESG, of course, being Environmental, Social and Governance considerations). Heat recovery works particularly well in industries like hospitality, […]