L'image montre la vue depuis la mezzanine avec des cartons rangés et une main courante de sécurité noire

Ongoing growth, additional products and increasing numbers of enquiries meant that Dext could use some more room. May 2024 saw us create a mezzanine level in the Lancashire workshop to create additional space and allocate more distinct areas to different tasks. There are two different environments associated with Dext as a company:1) The immaculate, high […]

Une ligne de touche coquine

Le distributeur de sauce prend la forme d'un tuyau horizontal vert d'aspect industriel avec des poignées de robinet qui peuvent être tirées au-dessus des becs verseurs de sauce.

From the state-of-the-art splashback absorbing heat behind the grill, to the heat recovery unit in the extract duct – Nando’s often turns to Dext for innovative engineering solutions.So it was little surprise that, during the pandemic, Nando’s Group Head of Design asked Dext founder Neil to create a contactless sauce dispenser.  This clever concept then evolved into the latest […]

Qu’est-ce que la récupération de chaleur ?

Pompes DexThermic et système de contrôle

Heat recovery is the process of capturing and re-using excess heat. In very simple terms, it is another name for heat recycling. It’s also a great way for companies to tackle the ‘E’ of their ESG goals. (ESG, of course, being Environmental, Social and Governance considerations). Heat recovery works particularly well in industries like hospitality, […]