Heat Recovery Systems

Recycling the Energy You've Already Paid For

Dext Commercial Heat Recovery Systems

The Splashback Radiative Heat Recovery Panel

DexTherm is an innovative heat recovery panel for installation in commercial kitchens.
Almost like a solar panel for your kitchen, it is placed adjacent to high temperature radiative heat sources, such as charbroilers or grills and absorbs radiative heat. It then transfers this heat to the storage cylinder to pre-heat water. Contact us now to see how the DexTherm commercial kitchen heat recovery system can work in your kitchens to reduce energy waste and cut your business overheads.

The Dirty Air Heat Exchanger

DexThermic is our unique HVAC heat exchanger. Designed for installation within an existing contaminated exhaust system, it recovers heat that would be wasted with conventional heat recovery technologies.

DexThermic can recover both high and low-temperature waste heat to be reused in a wide range of applications. Contact us now to see how the DexThermic industrial heat exchange system can work on your premises to reduce your operational overheads and increase your business’s bottom line.

Our Mission

Dext was founded on a common-sense desire for a more practical and effective commercial heat recovery system than those already available.

Driven to innovate, we’ve developed the ultimate energy recovery solution for commercial and industrial operations. Dext can help your organisation reach its ESG goals.

Our DexTherm kitchen heat recovery panel and DexThermic heat exchanger offer cost-efficient ways to boost your bottom line and reduce carbon emissions.

Dext heat recovery units allow you to pay for heat once, and use it twice.

Heat recovery is energy recycling

The restaurant industry sees heat generated in numerous ways, not only through the cooking process but also via room heaters, body warmth, lighting, equipment and more. DEXT technology reduces restaurant energy consumption, enabling you to recover heat you’ve already paid for within your operational overheads and store it. Once collected, your Dext heat recycling system makes recovered heat available for other purposes, such as space heating, dramatically increasing restaurant energy efficiency and reducing your CO2 emissions.

Energy recovery technology that doesn’t cost the earth

Our energy recovery solutions for the food, restaurant and hospitality industry reduce energy waste and cut costs – both for your business and for the planet.

DEXT commercial heat recovery systems also bring a rewarding return on investment: the initial cost of the heat recovery system is soon recouped in the savings made by utilising an otherwise wasted resource.

Waste heat recovery ticks lots of boxes for your business and its Environmental, Social and Govenance (ESG) commitments: it’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to lower energy consumption, minimise your carbon footprint, and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, all while saving money.

Cutting carbon emissions and reducing waste is an essential part of modern business. DEXT is committed to creating practical, hard-working systems that help businesses become more efficient and more sustainable.

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