Our Values

Our Values

At DEXT, we are passionate about saving energy and acting responsibly for the planet. This led us to develop our industrial heat exchanger systems to help reduce the use of fossil fuels, save energy and help the hospitality industry lower its carbon emissions.

We developed DextTherm to protect clients’ kitchens from damage caused by heat given off by their equipment, while also collecting that heat to be used elsewhere. This experience led us to identify further untapped heat recovery potential, and after almost ten years of research and development, we developed our newest heat recovery system, DexThermic. This sits within a greasy or dirty air extract stream, and recovers wasted heat that would typically be discharged into the atmosphere.

Our Core Values

Being customer-centric

Our customers’ needs are at the centre of everything we do at DEXT. We can be as passionate about saving energy as we like, but it means nothing if it doesn’t benefit our customers in more ways than just one. Examining the challenges and pitfalls that come with the traditional industrial heat exchanger, we were able to take it back to the drawing board and produce something that ticks all the boxes for clients who want to save energy, save money, and do their bit for the environment. We believe in building our reputation with long-lasting partnerships, through product quality, service excellence and clear and transparent communication.

Working as a team

DEXT’s people work as a unified team. Each individual has a different background and skill set – which means that when we combine them as one cohesive whole, we have decades of knowledge and experience to apply, and a uniquely rounded perspective on developing these revolutionary heat recovery systems.

Taking environmental responsibility

With DEXT’s core product range, saving energy and reducing the need for fossil fuels was at the core of the design. Our passion for the environment is as strong today as ever, as we continue making products that increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Achieving Carbon Net-Zero

The world’s governments and leading brands are committing to achieving carbon Net-Zero by 2040. We have made it our mission to assist the transition to a sustainable and low carbon future. By capturing and reusing heat rather than letting it go to waste, it becomes a zero-carbon energy source. Your heat processes not only become more sustainable but also more cost-effective. Through reducing the need for fossil-fuels and supporting renewable energy, heat recovery could be the single most significant contributor to many organisations’ carbon reduction.

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