A Dext heat recovery unit lets your grill heat your water

In a commercial kitchen, heat from the chargrill and other high temperature appliances is wasted. A Dext heat recovery unit can prevent this loss, while also providing a smart and practical splashback.

The Dext heat recovery panel for commercial kitchens

DexTherm is a Radiative Panel Heat Exchanger (RPHX)™ that collects excess radiant heat and stores it to be used elsewhere, making your restaurant more energy efficient. It protects your kitchen in an immediately practical way, while also making your business more environmentally sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint.

Usually, most of the heat emitted from a chargrill is absorbed into the air and wasted. DexTherm allows you to capture and reuse this heat.

Harnessing heat you’ve already used

Put simply, DextTherm is an easy-to-clean splashback that recovers heat too.
Think of it almost like a solar thermal panel within the kitchen; the system is installed adjacent to cooking appliances that produce direct radiative heat such as chargrills, charbroilers, electric grills and barbecue grills. The heat recovery unit absorbs heat and transfers it to the storage cylinder to pre-heat water for hygiene purposes.

DexTherm can also be configured to integrate with the DexThermic system for maximum results.

The DexTherm Heat Recovery unit in action at Nando's King's Cross



Built for durability. Made from robust 314 stainless steel.


Configured for your kitchen. Standard and bespoke sizes.


Aesthetically designed to be unobtrusive and easy to clean.

Explore the features of the DexTherm Heat Recovery Unit below:

Pillow Plate Design – Utilising optimised geometry created through CFD analysis.
Choice of Finish – Natural Stainless or Black Phosphate.
Simple Design – Easy to clean and maintain.
Hidden Wall Mountings – Enable the unit to be mounted discreetly for a flawless finish.
Hidden Fluid Connections – Enable the fluid circuit to be neatly concealed.

How Does DexTherm Work?

The DexTherm Radiative Panel Heat Exchanger (RPHX) is based on the Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger (PPHE) design. Manufactured from 314 stainless steel, it is ideal for recovering waste heat from radiative heat sources in commercial kitchens for indirect heating of a process fluid for hot water generation.

The DexTherm system consists of a technically advanced Dext heat recovery panel coupled with our specially designed hot water storage cylinder. The process fluid within the DexTherm heat exchanger circulates and is heated to the desired temperature before being delivered to thermal storage.

Choosing to install DexTherm means your business will become more energy-efficient, create less waste and save both time and money by recycling your kitchen’s excess heat.

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