A commercial heat exchanger created in the lab to work in the real world.

Traditional heat recovery systems are not designed to cope with the dirty air they process. We went back to the drawing board and developed a commercial heat exchanger that can.​

DexThermic is a Dirty Air Heat Exchanger (DAHX)® with a unique design, developed from scratch using state-of-the-art computational modelling techniques, analytical methods, experimental validation and engineering manufacturing techniques.

A challenging, in-depth, scientific process to produce a straightforward commercial heat exchanger that, quite simply, works as hard as you do.
Created for installation within contaminated extract air systems, DexThermic recovers waste heat from processes where conventional heat recovery methods foul up and are prone to failure.

By reimagining the design of a traditional fin and tube commercial heat exchanger, the fluid fin panel (FFP) was born.

Developed, optimised and validated through a rigorous research and development pathway to create the most practical and efficient design.

Designed to sit within a contaminated air extract system, the fluid fin panel simplifies the thermal path between the air and heat recovery fluid while maintaining high heat recovery rates and minimising physical obstructions within the airstream.
DexThermic can be configured to integrate with the DexTherm system for maximum results.



Six years in development. Product of an extensive UKRI research project.


Can be combined in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.


Our uncompromising commitment to quality ensures longevity and reliability.

Explore some of the DexThermic components below:

Main Body
  • Modular design can be combined in multiple configurations to suit site requirements
  • Flexible mounting options - wall or ceiling supported
  • Incorporated drain allows washdown waste during cleaning to be drained to the restaurant’s grease trap
  • Optional insulation to suit site requirements
  • Unit fully lockable - access only for appropriate personnel
  • Easy clean and service - designed for convenient access to heat exchange core
  • Incorporated drain for condensate and contaminants - washdown waste from cleaning can drain to the restaurant’s grease trap
  • Optional insulation to suit site requirements
Cassette Drawer Slides
  • High performance slides for extended life, located external to the airstream and contamination zones
Unique Fin-Panel Heat Exchange Core
  • Particle Vector Control Technology™ – recovery surfaces resist fouling and optimise heat recovery
  • Low Air Pressure drop design enables lower Specific Fan Power (SPF) requirements
  • Fluid Fin-Panel (FFP) design simplifies thermal path and minimises physical obstructions in the air stream, reducing the physical barriers that cause fouling and blockages
  • Comparable performance - the core design utilises a longer air flow channel compared to fin and coil heat exchangers allowing space for the core FFP technology to function efficiently
  • Quick access design for on-site service and cleaning
UniFlow Fluid Connections
  • Highly configurable fluid handling system - unit can be left or right-handed to suit site requirements
Incorporated drain for condensation and contaminants
Control Box
  • Flexible Mounting Options - has provision for mounting on the main body or custom site location
  • Contained Control - neat solution to housing all control and data I/O components
Main Unit Fluid Connections
  • Hydronic System Connections – Heatpump and Runaround Coil compatible
Mounting option for ceiling using standard components
Mounting option for floor using standard components

How Does DexThermic Work?

A conventional commercial heat exchanger tends to clog up and fail over time. To solve this problem, Dext went back to the drawing board, and back to university. The state-of-the-art Fluid Fin-Panel (FFP) array is a product of critical thinking, scientific method, validation and extensive testing.

We reimagined the fin and tube heat exchanger by removing the tubes and enabling the fins to carry the heat transfer fluid. With traditional fin and tube systems, the particles that pass through the system decelerate and clog over time. The FFP array addresses this by reducing the path of air-side particle resistance and implementing technically advanced air-side and fluid-side heat transfer surfaces.

Some of the benefits of installing a DexThermic DAHX commercial heat exchanger:
  • Designed be retrofitted into existing extract systems with minimal effect on specific fan power requirements
  • Low air pressure drop design with increased air passage ratio minimising physical obstructions in the air stream; reducing the physical barriers that cause fouling and blockages
  • The design utilises a longer air flow channel than traditional fin & coil heat exchangers, giving space for the core technology to function effectively
  • Heat transfer is stimulated by the creation of complex turbulent flow regimes – both external and internal to the recovery surface – resulting in optimised heat transfer and fouling resistance (Particle Vector Control Technology™)
  • Fouling is repelled by a cushion of air to encourage the particulate matter away from the surface of the recovery fin-panels