The Dext Team

DEXT is headed up by two hard-working northerners with a passion for technology and sustainability. With Neil from Lancashire and Gareth in Yorkshire, it’s less a war of the roses and more a meeting of the minds.

Growing up in towns built for the Industrial Revolution, these two share a heritage of invention and innovation, and a work ethic of good hard graft.

With decades of experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, Neil and Gareth have seen it all, from both ends of the spectrum. A manufacturing engineer at heart, Gareth took a more academic route and knows everything there is to know about the science of heat technology, while Neil’s experience ‘at the coal face’ (installing and maintaining HVAC systems for the last 25 years) means he knows all the ins and outs of the issues customers face in this industry.
Both could see that there was huge potential for heat exchange systems to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable than the existing models already out there.

Friendly and down to earth, Neil and Gareth are committed to developing technology that lasts for years, promotes sustainability, saves energy, and cuts overheads for customers. Read DEXT’s journey to see how these unique products evolved.

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