The Dext Difference

Predictive DextCalc software forecasts how much you'll save.

Forecasting Your Savings With Accuracy

We know that customers appreciate transparent communication and we’re passionate about providing practical solutions built with common sense for the real world.

Before committing to anything, you can make fully informed decisions using our DextCalc system to forecast how much money, energy and CO2 you could potentially save by installing the DexThermic.


We don't simply supply a product, we understand it inside out.


Take advantage of our technical knowledge and practical experience.


We aim to be clear and direct in every possible way at all times.

DextCalc Reporting

With just a small number of details about your operation, DextCalc can provide reports that detail which variation of the DexThermic system would best meet your needs, and exactly how much you could potentially save over the next five years – both financially and environmentally.

The two questions we're most often asked about DextCalc

Will I definitely make those savings?

It’s important to understand that these figures represent the performance the DexThermic is capable of. 
These savings will be achieved, provided you actually use and take advantage of all the energy the DexThermic recoups from your premises.

We will advise your team on how to integrate the system intelligently into your premises to wring every last drop of value from it. Otherwise it’s a bit like having a high performance battery constantly charged up, and not plugging anything into it!

Much like the DexThermic heat recovery system, Dext’s savings calculation software has also spent years in development.
Years of research, testing, analysis and validation have ensured the innovative DextCalc system provides absolute accuracy in forecasting potential savings.
It is the brainchild of Dext’s own Dr Gareth Evans, who knows virtually everything there is to know about heat technology – and spends his time proving it.

Following an in-depth Innovate UK research and development project involving the DexThermic prototype and a specially built wind tunnel facility, Dext was able to establish a complete set of algorithms and a full understanding of how the product would work in differing scenarios.

The DexThermic was designed digitally in a lab, then built for the real world, before being re-tested against the computer design – which means Dext has all the data needed to anticipate exactly how it could perform in all circumstances.
There are no sweeping generalisations. These results are based on actual performance data, relevant energy costs and UK heating seasons.

So, what do you get with Dext?

Smoke and mirrors ... absolutely not
Misleading figures based on colder climates ... nope
Accurate data calculated for your specific organisation ... every time
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The initial product and installation cost is swiftly offset by the energy savings. This has been proven time and time again in our academic research and in real-world trials.

Investing in new technology takes confidence

Dext’s Commercial Director Neil Bracewell explains: ‘We know that, on average, the DexThermic system pays for itself in less than two years.

‘However, we also understand that the initial cost is still a significant consideration. Before investing in this state-of-the-art technology, customers deserve reassurance that the system will work for them, that it will suit their requirements, and that it has the potential to achieve incredibly worthwhile savings.

‘The DextCalc system that Gareth has developed, is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal, because it puts customers at ease. It produces personalised reports with all the information you could need about how the DexThermic could work for your specific business.’

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