DexTherm Nando’s Success

A full-sized heat recovery trial at Nando’s MORE THAN proved the design of the DexThermic system in challenging real world conditions.

DexTcalc Predictive Software

With continuing thorough scientific testing and development, the DEXT team got to know every detail of the DexThermic product from every possible aspect.

DAHX Production Pathfinder

The third DAHX prototype was scaled up to full size and engineered to include design feedback from industry specialists.

Third DAHX Prototype

2019 saw the completion of DEXT’s UKRI project, with a third DAHX scale prototype designed, built, and tested.

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

The fin-panel design continued to be put through its paces, with more and more challenges recreated by the environmental wind tunnel. 2018 focussed on scientific principles, fin-panel optimisation, and DAHX prototype design.

Environmental Wind Tunnel

2017 saw DEXT commission the build of an environmental wind tunnel (EWT) to enable iterative design and prototyping.

Collaborating With UKRI

DEXT embarked on its most ambitious project yet – an extensive collaborative R&D project with UK Research and Innovation: “Advanced heat recovery systems for the food manufacturing industry, DEXT.”

Gareth Joins DEXT

DEXT appointed Academic Dr Gareth Evans in a senior role, who designed a pre-project engineering pathfinder. With DEXT, he also then implemented a new manufacturing method, trialled a MK2 wind tunnel test and submitted a project plan to UKRI.

Real World Trials

DEXT trialled a CO2 heat recovery behemoth at Nando’s Aylesbury which worked well, but also highlighted some teething problems and improvements that could be made.

KTP Consultancy Project

Team DEXT - Michael Larner Neil Bracewell & Dr Gareth Evans

DEXT called in some academic ‘big guns’ to move the project forward; commissioning an academic consultancy project to “Expedite the design process & maximise product performance” for the DexThermic product concept.