Dr Gareth Evans
(BEng (Hons), PhD, Wh.S.Sch)

Technical Director

It says a lot about someone’s academic commitment when they have more letters after their name than in it. 

But Gareth is not only a science and tech whizz, he’s also a practical bloke that knows how hard technology has to work in real-world applications.

Gareth left school at 16 to become an apprentice Engineer at Flowserve Pumps Newark. He is a time-served apprentice machinist, advanced fitter and welder specialising in mass production and Ministry of Defence naval pump applications. He contributed to the manufacture and testing of pumps for the UK’s newly commissioned nuclear submarine fleet in the early 2000s. 

With his determined and methodical nature, Gareth pursued an academic career that saw him gain a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and complete a PhD titled: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Heat Pump Performance for Retrofitted Domestic Installations’. 

The physics of his PhD, with the creation of the computer code, implementation, validation and testing took six years to complete. During this time, he also taught full time at Sheffield Hallam University. Even contributing to the development and teaching of the BEng Energy Engineering Course which won the College Course Awards, achieving more than 90% student satisfaction in the NSS 2011-2015.

Gareth was awarded the Senior Whitworth Scholarship in relation to his achievements which keeps him in touch with like-minded people.

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