Neil Bracewell

Commercial Director

Neil has always wanted to know how things work (and  why they break). 

He was one of those kids that constantly took things apart to understand them fully, and then put them back together.

And not much has changed in the years since.

Neil has worked in heating and refrigeration since leaving school and completing his apprenticeship at a HVAC company. He’s seen the best and worst of the industry, and strives to put all his experience into driving up standards. 

Neil’s motivation, proactive attitude and enthusiasm for hard work meant he was a great employee, but had even greater potential when forging his own path and leading a team.

He set up his own business at just 22.

While meeting with a major national chain of restaurants, Neil came across a problem caused by excessive heat from their chargrills which was cracking tiles and causing a number of problems within the kitchens. In a ‘right place, right time’ moment, Neil explained that he had a prototype product that would not only solve the problem, but recoup the heat and use it to generate hot water.

Knowing he had a concept with real potential, Neil teamed up with some of the best scientific minds in the business to make sure this technology could achieve all it promised.

With so much time spent on site talking to the people using commercial heat technology day in and day out, Neil couldn’t be better placed to understand customer requirements.

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