Testing, Testing, 1-2-3


2018 focussed on all aspects of the Fin Panel design and how to engineer it into an exceptional finished product.

Bifurcation concept pressure mapping

Numerous test methods were executed, investigating the operational characteristics of the Fin Panel, interaction with the air passing through the test chamber, and arrays of other Fin Panels.

As the theoretical and practical test concepts evolved, the EWT was adapted to suit the increasing test requirements. Tests up to 200 degrees were performed, and humidity control was introduced into the test chamber.

Environmental Wind Tunnel – DEXT’s custom science weapon

The performance was then logged and processed to provide “lookup” tables for input into the new predictive software plan. The aim of the predictive software was to provide potential clients with an energy saving forecast and payback period for adopting the dirty air heat exchanger technology.

CFD-Fin Panel flow visualisation & validation


  • Environmental wind tunnel (EWT) proves to be accurate and reliable.
  • Concept of a predictive heat exchanger software developed and planned.
  • Nando’s released ‘A blueprint for green restaurants’ brochure; this journal specifically mentioned DEXT’s ambitions.
  • Simulated and visualised Fin Panel designs showing correlations and methods proving to be scientifically accurate.
  • Year ended with a valid prototype design to manufacture and test.
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