Knowledge Transfer Partnership

DEXT Heat Recovery has recently appointed Gareth (Gus) Evans, from the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. Gus specialises in the computational modelling of large scale refrigeration systems, heat, air and moisture transfer (HAM) modelling, whole building simulation (WBS) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gus also has a practical history rooted in the manufacturing industry, pertaining to pump design and manufacture.

The Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University and DEXT Heat Recovery have formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) enabling the further development of the company’s products and a deeper understanding of how the heat recovery products behave under prescribed and forecast operating conditions. DEXT specialise in bespoke heat recovery systems and have developed a novel plate heat exchanger, constructed by laser welding and forming of internal cavities by application of hydraulic pressure. The heat exchanger delivers enhanced performance by increasing surface area, regulating internal and external flow thereby optimising flow distribution and withstanding the high temperature gradients and pressures associated with a wide range of coolants and refrigerants. Part of the project is to develop the capability to design a bespoke vapour compression carbon dioxide (CO2) heat recovery system. This requires a deeper knowledge and understanding of how CO2 behaves during a change of phase inside the plate heat exchanger system. The cross pollination of knowledge and coupling of heuristic methods, analytical methods and the use of CFD software will enable the products to operate at higher efficiencies recovering more heat therefore saving both financial resources and The Earth’s precious natural resources.